Louie and the great kitsuga.com wrote a preview on Scalpers:Turtle & the moonshine gang and we are thrilled!

Here is a couple of quotes and you can read the entire preview here

“…if you were to read no further, I would say it is worth the purchase on its own, but if you like Castle Crashers and games where co-op is heavily encouraged, and you have a group of four willing to play, then it goes from a decent shooter, to a must have.”

“The only three things you really have to worry about are reloading your weapon, managing your health, and killing enemy rats, hawks, pigs and more. These animals are looking to stop you, and it’s your job to power through them in anyway you can… The game has no penalty for dying, but has little sympathy for their players, as the game is quite tough.”

“The graphics and music in this game resemble the baron badlands of the Wild West, and it made me want to play Red Dead Redemption all over again, (Not to mention my anticipation for the next one). Regardless of those feelings, the overall aesthetics amplified my enjoyment with Scalpers and made me want to keep playing. Everything is easily accessible, while not getting in the way of what you need to see on screen.”

“…this should be a game to add to your library. Scalpers: Turtle & The Moonshine Gang is perfect for someone wanting something quick to play, while having a fun experience..”

Wishlist Scalpers now on steam!

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